Domestic Energy Performance Certificates – EPCs

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Did you know that since 2009, as part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) issued by the EU, all buildings in the UK that are constructed, sold or offered for rent need an EPC. These are valid for 10 years.

EPCs give information of a building’s energy efficiency on a sliding scale from ‘A’ (very efficient) to ‘G’ (least efficient). Every EPC also has a recommendations report showing how you could improve the rating and make the property more attractive to buyers or tenants.

For more detail see the Domestic EPC fact sheet link from NHER


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Private residential landlords are legally required to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when renting out a home to new tenants.


The certificate includes recommendations for improving the property’s energy performance. You do not have to implement these measures, but you may be eligible for financial assistance if you do. See the pages on the DirectGov website and the Warm Zone website for a guide on financial assistance for improving energy efficiency in a rented property.

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